Transcendental Spirit is a leading psytrance figure in Lithuania who has a deep understanding and passion for the genre and actively working and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of psytrance and art.


• organize numerous events in Lithuania featuring a rich tapestry of performances, art exhibitions, and visuals.
• believe that the Psychedelic Trance culture holds profound meaning and significance for humanity.
• have proudly brought twelve renowned psytrance producers to Lithuanian dancefloors: Lunatica, Ingrained Instincts, Mark Day, Goasia, Jumpstreet, Tengri, Daksinamurti, Southwild, Transient Disorder, Virtual Light, Djane Naima, and Cosinus.

The topic of Psytrance culture is wrapped in numerous layers and philosophies, encountering various issues. However, along the way, this culture has the potential to expose people to different perspectives on the world, paving a path to spiritual aspects and helping to shape values.

From personal experience – appearing on the Psytrance dancefloors embeds you in a vibrant communities of bright souls. It becomes a place where individuality is celebrated and deep processes can occur. All of those components combined facilitates personal growth. 


The Transcendental Spirit began creating its first artworks in 2008.
In 2009, the first semi-psytrance event was organized.
2010 founder moved to London, where decoration crafting has got it’s pace.
After serving some illegal raves with decorations – Transcendental Spirit begin to organise his own underground raves. First gathering “The Sanctuary” happened at 2012 – May 28th.

2014-2018 every winter founder traveled to South America where been introduced with sacred medicine. It shaped his vision for his output of art. There are lot’s of tribal motives in the designs.

To date, we created more than 100 events and have decorated events in 11 European countries. As well managed Yaga Gathering psytrance stage for 2 year in a row.